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UV Beads

Bead keychain inout

All shapes and styles of SolarActive® color changing UV beads change color in the sunlight and are great for craft, jewelry making and science projects.

Color Changing Pony Beads

Our white beads change to SEVEN colors instantly from white to red, yellow, purple, magenta, orange, blue, and green. We also have colors that change from one color to another!

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Apparel - Printed T-Shirts and Transfers

Make your artwork come alive with SolarActive® UV color changing silk screen print inks.

sun with glasses blackshirt

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Flip Flops are the perfect warm weather wardrobe essential. Lightweight and ultra-comfortable, CaliMojos™ feature outdoor patterns used throughout our collection, and sparkly rhinestones for a touch of pizazz

Nail Polish

UV color change nail polish with SolarActive® technology! Color and quality perfected to an unbelievably beautiful line of fabulous nail polish colors.

Color changing nail polishes meet all safety and environmental requirements; DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene free as well as vegan. Color change nail polish is a surprise to your hands and feet just by stepping outdoors! Winter, spring summer or fall, color changing nail polishes work in all season. Color change nail polish with SolarActive technology is two bottles all in one.

Nail Polish

Embroidery Thread

SolarActive® offers the latest technology in UV color changing threads ideal for embroidery, monograms, and decorative designs! Great for home sewers and footwear & apparel manufacturers.

Embroid fish out

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Create great jewelry using SolarActive® UV color changing products such as beads, buttons, thread, lace, to make friendship bracelets, rings, etc.


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Buttons and Lace

Make home sewing projects more exciting when they change colors. SolarActive® color changing products allow you to have two products in one!

Buttons outdoors

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Promotion Items - Custom Available!

Promotional Bracelets

Let SolarActive® make your event or promotion something to be remembered with custom UV color changing apparel, UV awareness bracelets, and other items all using SolarActive® color change technology.

Calimojos Flip Flops

SolarActive® UV color changing shoe laces are one great color indoors and immediately change to another color when exposed to UV / sunlight! Raw materials for manufacturing custom footwear available.

Shoe Change

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Hair Accessories

UV color change hair accessories incorporating SolarActive® color changing products!


Use SolarActive® UV color change sporting goods for all purposes. Raw materials available.


SolarActive® provides raw materials for manufacturing custom UV color changing products. Let us help you with your color change ideas!

UV Awareness Bracelets

SolarActive® color change custom UV awareness bracelets indoors and outdoors.

Great for events, fundraisers, camps, etc. SolarActive color changing UV awareness bracelets instantly change colors in the sunlight thousands of times.