Posted on May 5, 2015

Who says you can’t screen print on dark fabrics

“Who says you can’t print with SolarActive color changing inks on colored tees?”

screen prints on dark fabrics

SolarActive® screen print inks are specifically formulated for heat transfers for tee shirts, and for screen printing directly on tee shirts and other apparel.

For years it was thought that you couldn’t print with color changing inks on colored shirts, but, “that’s not true”, says Debra Mattes developer of SolarActive color changing inks. “SolarActive screen print inks have changed thru the years with the formulations being safety tested for the environment, and are all non- toxic . All SolarActive® screen printing inks are Phthalate free and environmentally friendly. “Every year, says Mattes, we review our formulations for safety and the updated environmental standards. If necessary we change the formulas according to the newest guidelines. SolarActive® color changing inks are approved and have been sold worldwide in over 120 countries!

SolarActive® has perfected the color changing inks for colored tee shirts as well as the light pastels, naturals and white apparel. Each color is formulated for the fullest extent of color for every time the product is exposed to the UV rays. Some colors perform better on dark fabrics, but we have some techniques that truly explore the world of color change.

For more information on color changing screen print inks for heat transfers, and screen printing, contact:
SolarActive International
818 996 8690.