Posted on June 16, 2013

White Nails Summer trend| Fresh Linen

For stand out nails that get any mani/pedi noticed white nails are the newest summer trend.

Bold color with white nails compliment any summer outfit. Give your nails the white hot trend that has been popping up on celebrity fingertips everywhere!White-Hot-Topper

Ruby Wing color changing nail polish in fresh linen is a soft white color that will change instantly in the sunlight to a pastel yellow! White nails that change color in the sun! How’s that for a little bit of magic in your manicure? Keeping with the trend, and adding the sunshine for nails that will change colors the moment you walk outdoors will make your manicure shine.

Not only does Fresh linen change colors in the sun, the Ruby Wing color change nail polish is also scented too. A sunflower scent sure to remind you of outdoors, yet its not too fragrant.

Ruby Wing color change nail polish is perfect for all ages. If you like one color on your nails, don’t limit yourself. You will love the second color just by stepping outdoors in the sunlight!

The new white nails summer trend is available at

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