Posted on September 7, 2012

What is SolarActive® color changing technology for t-shirts, color change beads, and color change shoe laces all about?

For Immediate Release: September 7, 2012

SolarActive® color change technology is the science of causing products to change color when exposed to Ultra violet light.  Our SolarActive® color changing proprietary  technology is not magic. SolarActive® Color Change technology is a science, the science of color change Chemistry.  The SolarActive® secret is in the way the molecules are manipulated and stabilized. SolarActive® has the knowledge to stabilize and produce a broad range of color changing printing inks for t-shirts. SolarActive® heat press and iron on transfers, solar shirts, footwear, and other apparel all incorporating the SolarActive® color change technology. Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish lacquer, is one of our newest color change products. SolarActive® offers color changing shoe laces, and many additional famous SolarActive® color changing toys, apparel, and other products that change instantly when exposed to the UV rays from the energy of the sun.


solaractive beach bar color changing t shirt beach bar solaracitve t shirt that changes color in the sun
 Indoors  Outdoors

SolarActive’s unique color change proprietary ingredients insure longevity in the sun, and allow for the color changing process to repeat over and over again. Instantly, when exposed to the sunlight, or when the ultraviolet (UV) color change inks are applied or exposed to the uv rays, the sun activated SolarActive® color changing printing inks become excited.  Instantly from the energy of the sun, the molecular structure changes and immediately allows the new SolarActive® color to appear. The electro magnetic spectrum that activates the SolarActive® molecule is between 250 – 500 nanometers.  Regular lights such as florescents work in a different spectrum of visible light, are not UV. Full SolarActive ® color changes appear with exposure to UV light from milliseconds, to 20 to 60 seconds in the sunlight.  In essence, what you’re actually seeing for instance in our Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish, is a beautiful indoor nail polish color that when exposed to the UV that  has excited the secret SolarActive® color change nail polish molecule, and hence magically and in an instant you see the new SolarActive® Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish color!  Don’t blink or you might miss it!

solaractive color change beads

SolarActive®color change printing inks for t-shirts, SolarActive® plastic master batch that changes color, and other SolarActive® raw materials and color changing systems are available for manufacturer’s to incorporate in their own products.  SolarActive® color changing technology is unsurpassed as the leading brand for color changing products with over 20 years experience in the world of color change, and includes the largest variety of color changing products worldwide.  SolarActive® is the leading brand to choose for safety, longevity, and meeting all safety and environmental requirements.


Contact us now for our SolarActive® color changing printing inks introductory offer to make your own color change t-shirts, iron on transfers, and heat press transfers as well as other color change  apparel.

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