Posted on January 18, 2013

What are UV Beads?

“UV Beads are different shapes of beads that are clear, white, or soft colors that when taken outside have a property that causes color to appear, or change to another color.”

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Don’t blink your eyes because SolarActive® color-changing beads have a trade secret formulation that makes the beads reactive to the sun and the color change vibrant. The Solaractive® pigment and the secret stabilizing ingredients keeps the beads from permanently discoloring and speeds up the time it takes for the beads to change back to their original white color. The UV-sensitive beads contain a pigment that changes color when exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  UV rays are always present even on cloud covered days. The UV beads are not affected by light from light bulbs that do not emit ultraviolet light. The beads will remain white indoors, when shielded from sunlight. Sometimes they are called sun beads as they only react to the UV rays. UV Beads are available in 7 Basic color changes.  They start white and change to yellow, red, orange, blue, green, purple, and magenta.  They also start a color and change to another color.  UV beads are often called Sun Beads, or Energy Beads.  SolarActive offers multiple shapes of UV beads too.  Facets, Hearts, stars, pony beads, and Butterfly beads are available with the color change feature. SolarActive® beads are Proudly Made in the USA too!

What does it teach?

Use the beads to teach kids about the ultraviolet radiation and the care that needs to be taken to prevent the damage it may cause. Ultraviolet (UV) light is the invisible radiation that will give you a sunburn and injure your eyes if you’re not careful. Sunglasses and sunscreens absorb UV photons. You can test their protective qualities by using your UV detecting beads.


Test your sunglasses by placing them in the sunlight and covering a few of the energy beads with the lenses. If the beads remain white, then your sunglasses are blocking harmful ultraviolet rays.

Test the effectiveness of your sunscreen by coating a few of the beads and placing them in the sunlight. If they change color, better buy some more SPF cream! Manufacturers suggest that you throw away sunscreen that is over a year old because it loses its effectiveness.

Product FAQ

  • What are the dimensions of an energy bead?
    Each UV bead is approximately 6mm x 9mm and the hole size is approximately 4mm.
  • Do the UV beads fade over time?
    After we left the beads out for the entire day and brought them inside, they returned to white.  The process is repeated over and over again.  For instance if you wear a bracelet and go indoors and outdoors it should last for years.


  • How long do the beads last?  Beads last for years.

Are the colors in the 1,000 pack packaged separately?
Yes, the colors you get are 7 colors. Magenta, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and green. We also have the multi packs with all the colors. How many bracelets will the 1,000 pack make? In general, a good bracelet requires 15 to 35 beads depending on the size of the beads in between and the wrist size.  You can make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, crafts of all kinds.


For more information contact SolarActive® or call us at 818-996-8690.