Posted on May 7, 2013

Weird and Wacky Products you Actually Need! On the Today Show

color change nail polish

Ruby wing on the Today Show

The Today Show on 5/7/2013 had a segment about the 9 wacky but useful products you can find online!  Ruby Wing color change nail polish was one of the products.  Ruby Wing color change nail polish is one color indoors, and immediately when you step outdoors the color change appears from the UV rays of the sun.  Color change nail polish uses SolarActive technology where everything will change color just by the energy of the sun.  Ruby Wing is DBP free, formaldehyde free, camphor free, and Vegan to boot!


Products such as tee shirts, shoe laces, UV beads are all manufactured with SolarActive color change technology.  Ruby Wing is a collection of 32 colors that are all vibrant rich colors indoors.  Your indoor color is fashioned after the most recent popular nail polish colors.  The indoor color is as exciting as the outdoor color.  The magic happens so quickly and creates fun for everyone.  Sometimes when I walk outside I completely forgot about the color change, and then I see that my toes changed color.  Even after 25 years of manufacturing color change technology, I still smile and I’m amazed with the color change.


I’ve created so many combinations when wearing Ruby wing.  I love my regular colors, so sometimes I just add Ruby Wing color change nail polish to an accent finger, or my texting thumbs, or my ring finger.  There are so many ways to be creative with color change nail polish.


Why wear one color when you can easily wear two!
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Make a little magic and wear color change products!