Posted on March 11, 2015



After so many trials and errors, we did it! Perfecting color change heat transfers for dark materials has certainly been a feat. SolarActive ®would not give up until we found the perfect recipe for creating color change heat transfers for darker colored garments. SolarActive® has been screen printing on dark colored tee shirts for many years, but we weren’t able to figure out which stabilization method should be to withstand the heat press.

Heat press transfer on dark shirts

After all this time, we finally found the secret we needed to create the best quality color change heat press transfers available using SolarActive® technology for darker colored shirts. Heat press transfers that are solar activated look great on the light colors, but our customers asked us to press heat transfers on the darker colors too.

SolarActive® International is the leading manufacturer of color changing inks, threads and plastic items worldwide. Now, we can offer our newest product that we’re proud to announce reflects our strength in the color changing business. SolarActive® color changing screen print inks and heat press transfers are sold worldwide. Send us your designs and we will print heat transfers for you, or manufacturers can purchase the SolarActive® screen print ink. We will teach you our secret printing methods so you can print your own color changing heat press transfers.

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