Posted on March 1, 2014

Water Activated Inks

The latest crave from our customers is our water activated inks, hydro, or sometimes called reveal inks. The unique water activated ink is screen printed or sprayed. Our hydro/aqua clear or color ink when applied to papers or fabrics dries white. They can be air dried or go thru a heat tunnel to dry. When the fabric or the paper is wet, it will reveal the picture underneath. The aqua color ink prints white, and when wet turns to red, purple or blue.

If you’re looking for a unique effect with color change screen print inks, SolarActive offers all types of inks with the unique specialty of color change inks activated by the sun or the water.

SolarActive has created a new heat transfer using Aqua/hydro inks that we will be debuting soon. Never seen before in the history of color change inks! Great heat transfers for tee shirts using our solar color change inks are available as well. Solar Active inks are available in 26 basic colors, and 4 color to color options. All Solar Active inks change color in the sun, or are activated by water..

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