Posted on August 19, 2014

UV protectors -Essentials for summer days and Water sports.

When it comes to hot summer days and water sports, flip-flops and sandals are as essential as bathing suits and sunscreen. As UV protection is a priority, now your flip flops can tell you when you need to apply sunscreen. CaliMojos are flip flops that change colors from the UV rays of the sun. If you’re indoors the straps on your CaliMojos will remain a neutral color. As soon as they’re exposed to the UV rays from the sunshine, the flip flop straps will turn to a vibrant color and stay that way as long as they are exposed.

rope pink

No guessing anymore if you need sunscreen since CaliMojos take the guess work out of the equation. If the straps are a color, apply your sunscreen. That means that the UV rays are out, and you need to block that sunlight. SolarActive technology is the secret ingredient that magically causes things to change colors. SolarActive offers dozens of products that all change colors just from the uv rays.

CaliMojos are not your ordinary flip flops. With colors in motion each time you go from indoors to outdoors, you will see the color change right before your eyes. In an instant the strap adorned with a rhinestone for pizazz will change to a deep rich tone matching the color in the design of the flip flop. CaliMojos are recyclable, made in Brazil with the finest sandal manufacturer on the planet.

Private label is available for Hotels, Spas, Theme Parks etc. So, let’s make it easy to remember when to apply sunscreen. Just get your CaliMojos on!

For more information on CaliMojos color changing flip flops, contact :

SolarActive International 818 996 8690