Posted on January 28, 2013

UV heat transfers | How to press Heat transfers | Color Changing Heat Transfers

 Heat transfers printed with color change screen print inks are easy to press onto a tee shirt.  For a softer smoother feel, use hot peel transfers for your tee shirts, totes, sweatshirts, etc.

 SolarActive® manufactures color changing heat transfers with Solar Active® color changing inks.  Every heat press transfer instantly changes color in the sun!  Great for apparel, tote bags, promotions.  Make an impact with that ‘WOW’ factor using SolarActive® UV heat transfers.

 Here are a couple of quick tips on how to press color changing heat transfers:

It’s recommended to use a cover sheet when heat sealing graphics to apparel on a heat press. The cover sheet prevents adhesive residue from melting onto the upper plate.

  1. a.    There are three different types of cover sheets. 
  2. b.    Reusable cover sheets are made out of a not stick material and can be wiped off with a heat eraser or damp cloth.
  3. c.    Kraft paper works well too.  It can be used more than once, but it won’t last as long as a    reusable cover sheet.  Kraft paper can’t be wiped off though to be used over and over.
  1.   Ironing does not work with heat transfer materials unless the iron is set at the highest heat setting without steam, and heavy pressure.   Move the iron around the image thoroughly, and repress with a Teflon sheet after peeling the liner.
  2. For longer lasting color, stretch the shirts immediately after transferring the image.  Then repress the transfer to further smooth out the image by putting the parchment paper on top and peel when still hot.
  3. When applying transfers to the front and back of the shirt it doesn’t matter which side you heat press first.  Apply the design to one side then flip the garment over and apply the second design.  If you’re applying the transfer to mesh, be sure to put a kraft sheet inside the shirt.
  4.   Recommended temperature to press  is 375 ˚F (191˚C)
  5. Pressure  Medium/Heavy 45-55 PSI  (18 -25 Kilo)
          Time 8 – 10 Seconds Hot Peel Immediately

Color change transfers press just as easily as heat press transfers that are not printed with color change inks.  Make your tee shirts magic  using heat transfers by SolarActive® .  For the very best in color change and magic over and over again :   818-996-8690