Posted on May 30, 2013

What are UV Beads that change color in the sun?

UV beads are basically a plastic bead that is white indoors, and when it is exposed to the sunlight or UV rays, it is instantly sun activated and changes to another color. UV beads by SolarActive® have a proprietary color change system that is directly molded into the plastic at the time of manufacturing.

uv beads

SolarActive® International is a manufacturer of all things that change color in the sunlight. Indoors everything is either black and white for tee shirts, and shoe laces, and the beads are white clear beads, until the color change appears. The difference in UV beads and heat changing beads, is that the UV beads don’t need water or hot temperatures. UV beads need sunlight only for the color change to appear.

uv beads

SolarActive® UV beads are available in different shapes too. Pony beads are 9mm with a hole in the middle. They are generally white indoors, although SolarActive has a couple of color to color beads as well. The pink pony beads will change to orange in the sunlight, and the blue beads change to a red in the sunlight! SolarActive® also carries clear fancy plastic beads. The shapes are hearts, stars, butterflies, and facets, each with a hole in the middle for making great jewelry such as beaded bracelets, anklets, earrings and more. In fact, SolarActive has beaded bracelets of all types. With fancy type smaller beads in star beads, facet beads and butterfly beads, to the larger beads in the same shapes. Friendship bracelets are made with the pony beads as well and are a favorite among teens for sharing one for them, and one for their friend.

SolarActive® UV beads are sometimes called energy beads, sun activated beads, and color change beads. SolarActive® UV beads are available in 7 colors that start out white and turn to yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, magenta, and red. The facet beads are a little fancier and they are available in blue and purple . The stars, hearts and butterfly beads are available in purple, blue and magenta. Color change UV beads are favorites for teachers since they are the perfect example for sun awareness classes. With SolarActive® beads, it is a constant reminder that the UV rays of the sun are always present. The proprietary ingredient in UV beads is organic. SolarActive® color change beads are made in the USA too, and are phthalate free.

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