Posted on October 17, 2012

Try the SolarActive® Color Changing Color Dance!

Try the color dance with SolarActive® color change silk screen printing inks for tee shirts, footwear and other apparel. SolarActive® color changing solar Heat press transfers and SolarActive® color changing solar Iron on transfers have never been so vibrant in color.  Soft feeling and great color change, not like the older heavy pressed heat press transfers.  SolarActive® is the world leader in color change technology as seen in various SolarActive® products.  As popular as tee shirts are, you haven’t seen the latest in technology until you’ve seen the color dance with SolarActive® color changing tee shirts.

Indoors the art is defined in black and white, or any regular PMS color.  Your picture tells a story on the shelf so using definition in the indoor design is important.  Designed with fill and background space the SolarActive® color change tee shirts are magic bursts of colorwhen exposed to the sunlight.  When activated in the sunlight there is an immediate burst of dancing colors that appear .  When removed from the sunlight or UV light source the original outline colors  are the only colors you can see again.  You can also insert subliminal messages, and have art appear out of nowhere.

solaractive just dance color changing custom t shirt design
SolarActive® ‘Color Dance’ Color Changing Custom T shirt Design

It’s a little bit of magic with a little bit of sunshine that changes the colors of your tee shirt in the sunlight. SolarActive® solar color change tee shirts change colors over and over again, and are completely machine washable.

SolarActive® has been manufacturing color changing products activated by the sun for over 22 years.  Throughout the years, SolarActive® has improved their color range as well as kept up with the changes in environmental and safety concerns.  SolarActive® color change solar screen printing inks, solar heat press transfers, solar iron on transfer inks, are phthalate free, pvc and lead free.  Passes all safety and environmental tests worldwide.

For more information on SolarActive® and the other products created with SolarActive® color change technology, contact SolarActive® International  818 996 8690 or email us at .