Posted on September 26, 2013

Today is Ruby Blues day!

downloadI’ve got the Ruby Wing blues to share with you today. Ruby Wing color changing nail polish is a lacquer that changes color in the sunlight as soon as you walk outdoors. Ruby Wing color changing polishes are available in 36 colors with new colors for spring launching shortly.

One of the most characteristic parts of Ruby Wing nail polish is that it has memory! As soon as you walk back indoors from the sunlight, the original color will appear over and over again. Ruby Wing color changing nail polishes are made with SolarActive technology for consistent color change over and over again.  eclipse-double-210x210Fun art and details can be done when using Ruby Wing colors. The blue options turn to a similar ending color, so painting a few nails with different colors and color blocking will allow unbelievable creativity. Two all around favorite Ruby wing colors and top sellers are Moonstone which turns to a purple outdoors, and Eclipse that turns to a deep purple outdoors. Have fun and be creative. Two colors that just became four right before your eyes. Why wear one color when you don’t have to!


Have you tried Ruby Wing yet?

For more information and pictures of the indoor outdoor combinations visit our website:

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