Posted on May 7, 2013

Tie Dye nails psychedelic! Ruby Wing color change

So pink and purple are my favorite colors.  I was playing with the new Summer collection of Ruby Wing™ nail polish and decided to do the tie dye effect with Groupie and Fate Ruby Wing Color changing nail polish. Fate is from the original collection of Ruby Wing™ nail polish.  There’s one reason why  Ruby Wing color changing nail polish changes colors in the sun and that’s because of the SolarActive® technology.

Each Ruby Wing™ bottle is two colors for the price of one.  Double the fun!


Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish instantly changes color in the sunlight and when removed from the UV rays changes back to the original color.  The process is repeated over and over again, until it’s time for your next manicure.    Manicures and Pedicures are more fun with Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish.  Using the Groupie and Fate Ruby Wing™ colors, I created four colors on my nails and toes.  That’s 20 times the fun in my book.


SolarActive International has been manufacturing color change products for over 25 years.  We improved our technology, and changed it up a bit joining the SolarClub team.  All Ruby Wing color change nail polish is made in the USA.  There are many other SolarActive color change products such as tee shirts that change colors.  Indoors you have a picture with regular color outlines, and when you step outside the color change appears.  The tee shirts are completely machine washable, and will continue to change over and over again with the life of the tee shirt.

Other Solaractive® color change products are shoe laces in 12 colors including the new plaid colors, lace appliques, and lace by the yard used to create beautiful garments.  SolarActive® uv beads are a great UV awareness  product that will teach your students the importance  of sun safety as well as offer great craft projects.

Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes are formaldehyde free, toluene free, and DBP free.  They’re vegan too, never tested on animals.  So, delight yourself and your friends with four colors for the price of two!  Now you don’t see it, now you do.  Just step outside and you can see Ruby Wing magic!


For more information on Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish and SolarActive® color changing technology visit the websites for details.

Distributor and wholesale pricing available. 818 996 8690