Posted on November 16, 2015

The Art of Production for Superior Heat Transfers!

If you thought it was easy to produce heat transfers….think again. It’s all in the artwork, the screens, and the type of inks you use. SolarActive International entered the heat transfer business a couple of years ago, but has been manufacturing color changing inks for years. After working with various techniques using regular plastisol inks and SolarActive color changing inks combined in the artwork, we now have the finest color changing heat transfers available. Selling our inks and color changing apparel worldwide has now increased with our heat transfers.

Heat press machine at work.

Heat press machine at work.

So many customers ask us to “teach them” how to make heat transfers for apparel and tee shirts instead of direct screen printing. Heat transfers are very desirable especially in the tourist markets. Instead of carrying stock that doesn’t always sell right away, you can press a tee shirt design with a name drop in minutes.

The tricky part when printing heat transfers is that the screen and films must be PERFECT. If your film doesn’t translate to screen, you can see wavy lines, furry edges and more, as soon as you heat press to the garment. You want the ink to last on the garment and not peel off. You also want the heat transfer garment to be machine washable so it can be enjoyed over and over again. When using SolarActive screen print inks that change colors in the sunlight, you are working with virtually invisible ink. Lining up the heat press sheets takes a bit more precise attention.

Color changing inks with SolarActive technology are available in two formulations. Screen printing inks for direct screen printing on garments, and heat transfer ink that is used for heat presses. The heat press ink has to be cured at a specific temperature, or the inks won’t press properly. Don’t be foolish and run an entire production without pressing some of the run offs first. Ink types play a big part in the longevity of heat transfers lasting on apparel.

For more information on Heat Press transfers, and SolarActive inks for heat press transfers contact the experts with over 25 years knowledge in color change technology. We pride ourselves with the best techniques, instructions and ink products available worldwide.

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