Posted on June 3, 2013

Tee shirts that change color in the sunlight!

SolarActive® International is a manufacturer of color change screen print inks, or inks that change color in the sun light. Indoors the screen print ink appears colorless, and then when exposed to the UV rays of the sun the SolarActive® ink will burst into vibrant colors. Screen print inks that are SolarActive® are easy to print with.

color change t shirts

The color change system is incorporated directly into the ink. When printed on the tee shirt, the color change just needs to be exposed to the sunlight to be sun activated.

Our motto, why buy one tee shirt, when you can virtually have two tee shirts for the price of one!

Solar Active® color change tee shirts are available in all sizes, and on all colors. Most of the wow effect is better when you have a white tee shirt or natural or pastel color shirt. That way the color change shows the best effect.

See Ya Later Alligator is one of SolarActive’s favorite designs. Kids and adults absolutely love this shirt.

Recently, SolarActive® did a tee shirt party for 40 kids. Each child went home with their color change “See Ya Later Alligator” shirt, and then chanted “In a while Crocodile! It was the hit of the birthday party long after the party was over. The best birthday party favor is a Sun Activated tee shirt. Solar shirts are machine washable over and over again.

uv shirts

Custom tee shirts are our specialty. Send us your design, or we can name drop your party or event on ours. Color change tee shirts are fun for everyone. One design indoors, and magic just by walking outside.

For more information on Color change tee shirts by SolarActive® visit the website:

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