Posted on February 4, 2013

Tee shirts are a dime a Dozen…Unless they’re SolarActive®!

UV RAY has great advice!  UV Ray is smarter than ever knowing that  SolarActive® color change inks change the average tee shirt into a magic solar tee shirt that drives sales up.  Have fun with a sun activated tee shirt incorporating a little magic.  Instantly, when exposed the sunlight hidden messages and colors appear.  When removed from the UV Rays, the colors fade away until exposed again to the UV RAY’s.

UV RAY works overtime at SolarActive® International making all products change colors in the sunlight.  Wholesale tee shirt sales fly through the door when they’re SolarActive® color change tee shirts.

Contact UV RAY at SolarActive® International for details on how to make your sales shine.  Powered by SolarActive® color change screen printed inks,  Iron on transfers, and custom heat transfers are perfect to make your sales shine when using SolarActive® color change screen print inks and heat transfer inks.

Visit the SolarActive® website at  818 996 8690