Sun with Glasses on a Black Shirt | Color Changing Shirts Change Color in the Sun! Phone: (818) 996-8690 Solar Shirts are Sun Activated™ Custom UV color changing shirts. 100’s of color change shirt designs that change color in the sun! Solar Shirts are magic shirts! Not hypercolor shirts, color change t shirts change color in the sun when exposed to uv rays.. SolarActive® color changing shirts magically change colors when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Indoors the design is outlined with solid color ink, and then when exposed outdoors the solar colors appear. Color changing shirts are machine washable, printed on 100 % cotton style tees, sweatshirts, tank tops. The SolarActive® colors are vibrant and exude strong depth of color that will continuously change colors over and over again. Completely machine washable! Explosions of color instantly when you walk outdoors makes everyone look twice at your color change shirt. Shirts that change color are like getting two tee shirts for the price of one! Solar Active® has made a name for itself by offering 100’s of color changing products like color changing nail polish, color changing t shirts, custom t shirts, iron on transfers, color changing shoe laces, color changing screen printing ink, color changing thread, color changing beads, and heat transfers that change For more information on how to make your tshirt designs change color, or name drop on our stock designs, questions about our shirts that change color, or other uv color change Sun Activated™ products that change color in the sun: 818-996-8690

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