Posted on January 22, 2015

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UV Activated Nail Polish Changes Colors

It’s magic! Blaze Nail lacquer by SolarActive┬« International changes colors in the sunlight. SolarActive is the world’s leader in UV activated color change products. Blaze nail lacquers are a fabulous color indoors, and immediately when exposed to the sunlight another color appears. The magic happens over and over again. DBP-free, Tolulene-free, and Formaldehyde-free. Kids love it, adults adore it.

The Blaze nail polish lacquer and product line includes over 40 brilliant shades of top selling creamy polishes including matte, glitter, pearlescent, and fluorescent colors. Blaze’s new formula is designed to increase flexibility, durability, wear and gloss. Blaze nail polish lacquer is a long-wearing formula providing a tough, durable chip-resistant finish with UV protection to prevent discoloration.