Posted on December 9, 2015

SolarActive UV beads worthy of a Science question on Jeopardy!

SolarActive® beads are polypropylene beads that instantly change colors in the sunlight. As soon as you remove them from the sun, they change back to their original white color. Color changing beads are available in 7 magical colors. They all start out white and change to yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, magenta, and red. We also make beads that start one color and change to another color and incorporate glitters within the plastic.

SolarActive® developed the Proprietary color changing technology over 25 years ago and used the technology in Plastics, Screen print inks, nail polish and more. Color changing beads are sometimes called UV beads, since they only change colors from the UV rays. Pony beads are the most popular beads, although there are many other styles of SolarActive® color change beads. Butterflies, hearts, facets, and stars are also available with the color change technology. String them, crush them, glue on fabrics and use them in so many crafts for fun.

Jeopardy the popular game show, thinks that SolarActive® beads are worthy enough to be included in a science category! SolarActive® beads are proudly made in the USA. All safety tested and approved.

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