Posted on May 15, 2013

SolarActive thread division is for sale | What is SolarActive thread?

SolarActive® International is a company that offers technology that makes everything change color in the sun! SolarActive® has many divisions within the company consisting of properties for plastics, threads, nail polish, screen print inks, sprays and coatings that all change color in the sunlight.

color change thread

After 25 years in business the Solar Active® thread division is winding down its thread property and closing. Solar Active® thread is used in embroidery thread, and yarns that color change immediately when sun activated by the uv rays. In an instant what was one color becomes another.. The process is unique and is stabilized so the magic continues to repeat itself over and over again. The SolarActive® filaments have been manufactured in various deniers to make socks, embroidery thread, crochet thread, and fabrics for various products. SolarActive® threads are polypropylene based and when making fabrics can be woven with all types of other fabrics. Shoe laces, fancy lace by the yard and lace appliques have been best sellers from SolarActive® year after year. SolarActive® thread starter packs (T200) have 7 colors in one pack and they are 200 yards per cone in a plastic container. Starter packs have been sold to schools for educational projects for years, and continue to be a favorite that will be sorely missed.

Another denier that has been made with SolarActive® threads has been craft threads, a favorite for teachers and students to make creative craft projects. Some of the jewelry made with the yarns like beautiful earrings and hand woven bracelets offering a unique effect with the sun activated idea.
SolarActive® thread is currently available in 14 basic colors. White thread turns to yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, pink, and magenta. There are also color to color combinations as well that start one color and change to another color. The SP400 pack is four basic colors that are color to color combos. Pink that changes to dark pink, yellow changes to orange, blue to purple, and peach to wine. There are many other color combinations that can be produced as well. SolarActive® offers green to purple, twists with metallic and so many more combos to make an exciting thread line.
If you have any interest in purchasing SolarActive® Color change technology for the division of thread, please visit the website for information.

You can also contact SolarActive® International at 818 996-8690.