Posted on October 9, 2012

SolarActive® Practice Safe Sun Color Changing Wristbands

For immediate release: October 9, 2012

SolarActive® International manufacturer and supplier of the Proprietary ingredient that allows products to change color in the sunlight offers a simple sun sensitive gauge to alert you when the UV rays are active.  Our SolarActive® Practice Safe Sun color change bracelets are made with environmentally safe ingredients molded into a flexible color change bracelet to help you monitor exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays for your entire family.

solaractive custom bracelets that change color in the sun

SolarActive® UV sun safe wristbands change colors immediately when exposed to UV rays.  Most of us don’t know when to reapply sunscreen, but with the SolarActive ® practice safe sun bracelets you will know instantly that the UV rays are harmful, and you should apply sunscreen.  A convenient reliable way to notify you of the uv rays with instant color change when exposed to sunlight or UV rays.  Reapply sunscreen often to protect you from the potential damaging effects of the sun.

Size fits kids and adults with an adjustable snap.  Easy to take on and off, and convenient, can be used over and over again.  Changes to a purple color in the sunlight, and meets all environmental safety standards.  SolarActive® sun safe bracelets are used by Special Olympics athletes year after year promoting safe sun.  Custom SolarActive® wristbands are available with your school, event, city or activity name.

Contact SolarActive® International for Practice Safe Sun color change bracelets/wristbands.  818 996 8690