Posted on August 12, 2017

SolarActive®, Jenny Sabin and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Have you heard? Heard what? The news out of New York City! What news? SolarActive®, Jenny Sabin and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) have been in the news!

What? Yes you can read all about it on:,, and even on

A Lumen Jenny Sabin Studio Photo by Pablo Enriquez

Why is MoMA so important? The exhibit created by Jenny Sabin “LUMEN” is on display at the MoMA PS1, located at: 22-25 Jackson Avenue, Queens, New York until September 4, 2017.

The Young Architects Program founded by MoMA and MoMA PS1 is committed to offering emerging architectural talent the opportunity to design and present innovative projects, challenging each year’s winners to develop original designs for a temporary, outdoor installation at MoMA PS1 that provides respite with shade, seating, and water.

Wow! Jenny Sabin “WINNER OF THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART’S PS1 YOUNG ARCHITECTS PROGRAM 2017 for an exhibited intitled: lumen.”

By night, Lumen is knitted light, bathing visitors in a responsive glow of photo-luminescence; by day, Lumen offers succor from the summer heat, immersing participants in delicious ground clouds of cooling mist. Lumen is a socially and environmentally responsive structure that adapts to the densities of bodies, heat, and sunlight. A lightweight knitted fabric of responsive tubular structures and a canopy of cellular components employs recycled textiles, photo-luminescent and solar active yarns that absorb, collect, and deliver light. This environment offers spaces of respite, exchange, and engagement as a misting system responds to visitors’ proximity, activating fabric stalactites that produce a refreshing micro-climate. Families of robotically woven recycled spool chairs reveal informal messages and conversations through hydro-chromic materials. It is an open responsive system featuring digitally knitted and robotically woven lightweight, high-performing, formfitting, and adaptive materials. Lumen is a feminine form that offers luminous interiorities, informal networks, social fabrics, and fibrous assemblages that are pliable, transformative, and playful.

In the June 30, 2017 edition of the Archdaily, the article titled: Jenny Sabin Studio’s Light-Capturing “Lumen” Installation Debuts at MoMA PS1 ties together MoMA and Jenny Sabin’s Studio and the award.

The New York Times website, posted a video on June 28, 2017 of the Lumen Exhibit.  You can view the exhibit in any of these referenced links to see the incredible technology that SolarActive® contributed to Jenny Sabin’s project. Here is the New York Times video link:

In the video posted by The Museum of Modern Arts, June 19, 2017 entitled “Digitally knitting a solar-active canopy | LUMEN Part 2 of 4 | AT THE MUSEUM”  we are given specific information about how Solar Active’s color changing thread was used in part of the exhibits creation!

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