Posted on November 22, 2012

SolarActive® International – The Experts in color change technology!

Don’t be fooled by imitation screen print inks that fade after one wash, and lock in color.  SolarActive® color change tee shirts can be washed over and over again.  Tee shirts don’t brown in stores when they’re printed with SolarActive® Proprietary color change photochromic technology. Screen printed tee shirts make your sales soar.  Tee shirts printed with SolarActive® color change ink continue to change colors thousands of times.

SolarActive® color change tee shirts are like purchasing two tee shirts for the price of one! Look to the experts in color change with the best wholesale tee shirt pricing in the industry. SolarActive® manufactures and supplies UV color change screen print inks to famous designer tee shirt manufacturer’s worldwide.  SolarActive® trade secret technology insures approved safety standards, and longevity in your color change tee shirt designs.

 Solar Beach Bar Color Changing Shirt Indoors  Solar Beach Bar Color Changing Shirt Outdoors

SolarActive’s® color change screen print inks have been tested over and over again to insure quality with every custom designed tee shirt. Sun activated tee shirts printed with screen print inks by SolarActive® are very concentrated with color.  No need to use two or more passes of screen printing ink to achieve great color change tee shirts and heat transfers. Solar screen printed shirts and heat transfers manufactured with SolarActive® color change technology adds pennies to your tee shirt designs. SolarActive® Heat transfers and printed t shirts are sunsational and instantly change colors when exposed to the sun. One gallon prints thousands of tee shirts that instantly change color in the sun over and over again.

SolarActive® color change screen print inks are intense with color change.  Bold, vibrant, instant color change tee shirts are the very best when Powered by SolarActive® color change screen printing inks. Screen Printers take notice! Now is the time to test SolarActive® color change screen print inks for free! Be ready for spring with sun activated tee shirts that add smiles and laughter to a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

Contact the leading manufacturer and supplier of color change technology with the experts at SolarActive®. For details and free samples of color change screen printing ink for manufacturers of tee shirts and heat transfers:

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