Posted on October 21, 2015

SolarActive® Heat Transfers Easy to Press

The best part about heat transfers for many of our clients is the ease in shipping, cost, and the fact that they don’t have to carry stock of so many printed shirts. Heat transfers allow our clients to offer color changing shirts at a moments notice.

heat transfer

SolarActive® heat transfers are an outline of a solid color ink, or outlines with solid colors and then the fill colors are larger areas. The color changing effect is stronger visually that way. You can print transfers with solar inks for the backgrounds only, but when you use the inks as fill colors there’s a better wow effect.

SolarActive® heat transfers are easy to press. We have worked with many professional and desktop printing presses to see which ink transfers the best, and lasts the longest on the garment. SolarActive®inks are incorporated in the design offering your customers something unique. Each time you walk outdoors you will see the tee shirt print come to life exploding with colors. Heat transfers for tee shirts are best when pressed on white, natural or light colored garments. When removed from the sunlight the tee shirt goes back to the indoor colors and the SolarActive® inks disappear.

SolarActive® color changing heat transfers wash like any other tee shirt. We have done several wash tests perfecting the stability of the color changing effect as well as testing the best outline color inks for longevity. We suggest that you turn the garment inside out before washing and don’t use bleach or harsh detergents. It’s better to hang to dry instead of putting in a hot dryer.

If you would like more information on color changing heat transfers, or SolarActive color changing inks contact us at 818 996 8690.