Posted on December 20, 2012

SolarActive® Color Changing UV BEADS

The ORIGINAL- don’t be fooled by substitutes! SolarActive® beads are USA MADE!
Solaractive® beads change colors for years because they are ‘Powered by SolarActive®

Don’t get caught by imitation UV beads or inferior products that only change to pastel colors or won’t meet new safety specifications. SolarActive® beads are CPSIA certified Lead and Phthalate free! SolarActive® beads are available in 9 different colors! Our white beads change to SEVEN colors instantly from white to red, yellow, purple, magenta, orange, blue, and green. We also have colors that change from one color to another.

SolarActive® bead shapes are fancier and more translucent. Use in between regular pony beads for more creative craft projects and jewelry making. All beads change color instantly in the sunlight and back again when removed from the UV light source.  Powered by SolarActive® and the energy from the sun.Visit our site for more UV color changing magic!