Posted on September 28, 2012

SolarActive® Color Changing T Shirt With Color Change Screen Printing Ink Order

September 28, 2012

If you’re looking for the best in color changing tee shirts, apparel and other products look no further. SolarActive® International is the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of color change products including color changing tee shirts, footwear, and other apparel all with their unique certified safety tested environmentally friendly Color Change SolarActive® screen printing inks and heat press transfer inks.

Solar Active- Color Change T-Shirts Solar Active- Color Change T-Shirts
 Sun with Glasses Indoors  Sun with Glasses Outdoors


SolarActive® Color change screen print inks for tee shirts and other apparel, offer the consumer and manufacturer a new option for a staple that is found in everyone’s wardrobe. Everyone wears tee shirts, from children to adults as they are the easiest staple item for casual to dress up.  The unique SolarActive® color changing feature in SolarActive® tee shirts offers two designs for the price of one.  Twice the fun when you walk from indoors to outdoors.

Solar Active- Color Change T-Shirts Solar Active- Color Change T-Shirts
 Green Sea Turtle Indoors Green Sea Turtle Outdoors


SolarActive® color change tee shirts have great shelf appeal with one design indoors that tells the story.  The magic is when you walk outdoors into the sunshine or UV rays and you see the WOW factor.  The SolarActive® color changing tee shirt explodes to life as it instantly bursts into vibrant colors when exposed to uv rays.  It can be raining, snowing, or a just a beautiful sunny day.  UV rays are always present in daylight hours.

SolarActive® color changing tee shirts have a special secret screen printing ink that when exposed to uv rays opens up in color.  When removed from the uv rays the color change calms back down to the original indoor design.  SolarActive® color changing inks are available in over 35 spot colors, and SolarActive® International custom blends screen printing inks for your logo, or your own design ideas.  Any design can become a SolarActive® color changing tee shirt.

Solar Active- Color Change T-Shirts Solar Active- Color Change T-Shirts
 The Big Picture Indoors The Big Picture Outdoors


Call the experts now, and use SolarActive® color change screen printing inks with your own designs.  There is no reason not to try SolarActive® color change screen printing inks.  Ask SolarActive® about our irresistible introductory offer for SolarActive® color changing screen print ink. Solar Active Sample packs for printing your own solar color change tee shirts, sweat shirts, tank tops, canvas bags and many other apparel items are easy to use,  already mixed and ready to use.  Just stir the pot and print .  Consistency with color change every time.  SolarActive® has the knowledge to turn your tee shirts into magic.

Contact SolarActive® International for more information and use this code (SAINKS) for ½ off , and a free color changing  tee shirt with your order..

818 996 8690 .