Posted on November 4, 2016

SolarActive Color Changing Embroidery Thread Is Back!

Finally, back in stock! After a family loss, we are back in production again. SolarActive Color changing embroidery thread is back! Indoors, one color, and outdoors the colors appear. All you need is UV from the sunlight. Even in the shade, the color change will appear. Colors in stock are yellow, orange, blue, purple, magenta, peach to wine, blue to purple and a couple of new surprises we are working on. Color change thread starts out white and instantly the color appears when you walk outdoors. Think of magic every time you think of SolarActive thread, although there is always a purpose. Make your statement appear in an instant. Get your message noticed with a touch of SolarActive color changing magic.

Embroidery thread is back

SolarActive offers several products and technology that change colors. Visit the website We have a saying “the SolarActive Mindburst.” Once you see our technology, you will understand and want almost everything to change colors! Ask us….the experts in color change for over 25 years.