Posted on November 23, 2015

SolarActive® Color Change Screen Printing Inks, The Deepest Colors Yet!

SolarActive® International is proud to announce some new screen printing colors using our color changing screen print ink. We have been asked for darker, deeper colors and our new colors are available now.


You asked, we listened! Our customers request deep greens for forests, and trees, and this is as deep as you can get with pure SolarActive® color changing inks. SolarActive® inks are stabilized to continue to change colors over and over again.

Today, we are featuring our newest Green PMS 5743. This color is a deep forest green great for shading and trees as well as other accent colors. It’s completely colorless when printed as you can see with the photo, but then as soon as it’s under the uv rays of the sun the color change appears. Fadeback is a little slower since the color is so deep and intense, but it fades back to colorless within minutes.

All SolarActive® color changing inks are environmentally friendly and stabilized for continuous color change over and over again. SolarActive® screen print inks are used for heat transfers and for direct screen printing on apparel.

Make your designs stand out with color changing apparel using SolarActive® screen printing inks. Available now in over 30 colors and also available in 4 color process inks.

For more information or samples, contact the experts at SolarActive International for Color changing Screen print inks.

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