Posted on February 15, 2013

SolarActive® Color Change Pony Beads change colors for years!

What makes the Color Change Pony Beads change colors?

7 Fantastic Vibrant SolarActive® Color change pony beads.
Available in red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple and magenta!

If you blink your eyes you will miss the color change because our SolarActive® color change beads change immediately from the sunlight. Our Proprietary formula is more vibrant than ever with 7 colors from the sun. The Solar Active technology keeps the beads from permanently discoloring and speeds up the time it takes for the beads to change back to their original white color. SolarActive UV-sensitive beads color change beads contain SolarActive technology that magically changes color when exposed to ultraviolet straight from the sun. SolarActive® color change pony beads remain white indoors when shielded from sunlight. You don’t need actual sun, just UV. SolarActive color change pony beads work rain or shine. Try them in the snow and the colors are even more vibrant. Energy beads from the sun’s rays change colors immediately.