Posted on January 25, 2013

SolarActive® Color Change Inks for Tee Shirts, Clothing and Other Apparel

Are you looking for something that will spark a second look?  Everyone, everywhere in the world wears tee shirts.  The thing is not everyone wears tee shirts that change color in the sunlight.  SolarActive® International is the world’s largest manufacturer of color changing products such as t- shirts, solar clothing, sweatshirts,  tote bags,  color changing shoe laces, UV beads and more.

If you want something that makes people look twice, SolarActive® color changing screen print inks will do the trick.  Solar Active t- shirts become Sun Activated™ Tee Shirts that change colors in the sun just by walking outside.  SolarActive® color change inks are colorless indoors, and when you step outside to the UV rays (doesn’t have to be sunny) then the colors burst into action just like magic!

Color changing shirts are perfect souvenirs for promotions,  tourist shops, gift shops, department stores and more.  SolarActive® offers  the very best in color change clothing.  Send us your designs and we will make them change colors, or we sell screen printers our SolarActive® color changing  inks to print their own tees that change color in the sun.  Bursts of vibrant colors in an instant!

So, instead of just a tee shirt, make your tee shirt, or clothing stand out with the color changing inks from SolarActive®.

For more information contact :  818-996-8690