Posted on February 14, 2014

SolarActive color change Heat transfers and Tee Shirts

There is definitely a real difference with color changing heat transfers on tee shirts made with Solaractive color change screen print inks. Don’t be fooled by a picture that just flashes a color change doctored by photography. The tee shirts SolarActive manufactures show the real effects of the color change inks in an instant.

color change inks

There’s an art to making heat transfers with SolarActive color change inks. The picture must tell the story indoors as well as it does outdoors. Many knockoffs are popping up that show line art in a flash type photo. If you look closely at SolarActive color change heat transfers you will notice the full picture shows indoors. You wouldn’t want fuzzy art when you wear a tee shirt. Fuzzy art doesn’t translate into a great look both indoors and outdoors, but looks good on the computer. You want the real art not to fade and if it starts out fuzzy it will continue to get more fuzzy after each washing to where you don’t have anything but a white tee shirt indoors.

color changing transfesSolarActive will help you make your transfers into great pictures with our proprietary color changing screen print inks. SolarActive has been manufacturing the color changing inks for 25 years perfecting the consistency, stability, and quality of color change. When you’re looking for the best color changing tee shirts with solar inks look to the leaders of the process to be assured great quality and longevity, over and over again. Our proprietary stabilized process with our USA made inks is unsurpassed in the industry. SolarActive color change inks are phthalate free, and environmentally safe. Our color change screen print inks will pass every test worldwide with safety as a great concern. If you’re a manufacturer of tee shirts contact us now for your free sample of SolarActive ink. We are so confident in our color change, we will send you free samples so you can make your own color change tee shirts with solar inks manufactured by SolarActive International.

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