Posted on January 21, 2015

Solar Active UV Color Change Products Calimojos

calimojos logo

Take a walk on the wildside with CaliMojos, the newest color changing product from SolarActive International. CaliMojos aren’t your ordinary flip flops. With colors in motion from the uv rays of the sun CaliMojos flip flops have straps that are one color indoors, and change to another color when outdoors in the sunlight. CaliMojos are fashionable flip flops with designs that are sure to be your new favorite flip flops. Sandals adorned with nickel free colorful charms or rhinestones, CaliMojos color change flip flops can be worn around town, perfect for vacations, and everyday casual fun. CaliMojos are made with quality, comfort and environmentally friendly. Manufactured with the highest standards in color changing technology by SolarActive USA and made in Brazil where they are known for the worlds finest sandals.

Calimojos flyer

SolarActive International has been manufacturing color changing products for over 25 years. In an instant, CaliMojos colors in motion magic will delight you when you walk outdoors. Using SolarActive technology and made in Brazil, CaliMojos are unique fashionable sandals. Perfecting the color change with each and every product you can be assured that the color change flip flops will change colors in the sunlight for tons of fun. CaliMojos are fashion forward designs that are comfortable and easy to wear everywhere.