Posted on September 12, 2012

So what is Movie Star Manicure’s by SolarActive® International?

September, 2012
Whenever I get my nails manicured, I bring a new color combination with me from the newest launch of SolarClub’s color change polishes now called Ruby Wing™ Color changing nail polishes are manufactured with the unique SolarActive® color change technology developed by SolarActive® International. I’ve been going to Amber’s Nails in Tarzana since they opened last year. Everyone there knows me because I always have Amber polish my nails with Blaze® the first generation of our color changing nail polishes.

In July, we launched our new colors called Ruby Wing® and today I brought three of those new colors. I love having my nails painted with different combinations to show the unique color change effects. I think Amber likes when I have my appointments scheduled because my manicures end up being so much fun for the entire shop! Today I brought the Ruby Wing™ colors Moonstone, Fate, and a little wash of Tide for just my ring finger. We started with a clear base coat to make the polish glide smoothly on your nails. Then we painted two coats of Ruby Wing Moonstone. We let that dry, then Amber painted a diagonal of Fate on each nail. I loved it already, and so did the customers in the nail shop and the other nail techs! Everyone was oohing and aaahing! I get such a kick out of watching the other customers who all want to know what colors I’m wearing on my nails. Then Amber painted a very thin white coat between the diagonal color and the Moonstone. As if that wasn’t enough already were having so much fun playing so we decided to go the one step further. For the final touch painted Amber painted one coat of Tide over each ring finger, and then the top coat.

While I was waiting for my nails to dry before I showed the color change outdoors, a couple of the customers who were ready to leave waited because they wanted to see what all the fuss was about! About 8 women and 4 nail techs walked outside with me to see the change. (I think they didn’t believe that it would do that) Anyway, with my entourage following me, even one lady with her hair full of bleach followed me outside, and there were others across the parking lot that wanted to see why the crowd was forming! So all in all, there were at least a dozen people standing around me wanting to see the magic! I felt just like a movie star!

For more details on Ruby Wing color changing nail polishes and many other color change products using SolarActive® color change technology visit us at or contact 818 996 8690.