White to Magenta SolarActive Color Changing Pony Beads by the Pound

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SolarActive Color Changing Pony Beads By the Pound - 2000 Beads: White to Magenta

Quantity: 1 Pack of 2000 Beads

SolarActive Color Changing BEADS The ORIGINAL- don't be fooled by substitutes!! Solaractive beads change colors for years!

Beads for Jewelry Crafts and UV Awareness craft projects add a SolarActive boost. Use pony beads energy beads and jewelry making beads to create bracelets fun scrunchies sock toppers key holders and decorations of all kinds.

Environmentally Friendly. Non-Toxic. Won't Brown or Fade.

Made In U.S.A.

  • Model: 5010-M
  • Manufactured by: SolarActive┬« International