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SolarActive Embroidery Thread 3000(meter) - White to Orange

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SolarActive Embroidery Thread 3000(meter) Cone White to Orange

Quantity: 1 - 3000(meter) Cone of Embroidery Thread

In this season of contrasts and changes, changing attitudes and new influences, comes a revolutionary new product: A special brand of UV embroidery thread that actually changes color in the sunlight. An extraordinary new thread designed and tested for today's high-speed embroidery machines.

This new technology gives the opportunity to have embroidery designs change from one color to another after exposure to the sun or any UV light sources.

The unique color changing effect was tested and proven to last more than 2000 times in and out of the sun (equivalent to the life of a garment).

These threads will work on any embroidery machine up to 1200 rpm with any bobbin thread (poly, cotton, etc.).

UV threads are machine washable, and can withstand up to 420 F (for patch embroidery or emblems).

UV threads are 120 denier/40 wt.

Do Not Bleach. Do Not Dry Clean. Do Not Iron on Directly.

Environmentally Friendly. Non-Toxic. Won't Brown.

Made In U.S.A.

  • Manufactured by: SolarActive┬« International