Posted on December 18, 2012

Shoelaces that change colors in the sunlight powered with SolarActive® color change technology!

We all love our crispy new sneakers and clean shoelaces.  The colors are so bright and fun now with the newest styles of sneakers.  To make your new sneakers more interesting try SolarActive® color changing shoe laces and add more of that great feeling every time you walk out doors. Color change shoe laces manufactured with SolarActive® world famous color change technology instantly change colors in the sunlight, or as soon as you walk outdoors.  All you need is UV light for the shoelaces to change color.

     SolarActive® manufactures products that all change colors in the sun.  The shoelaces are not painted with ink that change colors, but rather the unique color change thread is woven into a shoe lace.  Color changing shoe laces with SolarActive® technology are available in a variety of colors.  The white shoe laces change color and turn to red, blue, purple, hot pink, yellow, orange and green.  The color change shoe laces that start out a color are pink that changes to magenta, and peach that changes to a wine color.

SolarActive® shoe laces are available with metallics woven with color change thread in blue, magenta, and purple as well.  The metallic color change shoe laces are unique with the silver metallic thread and the color change thread between.  Our newest favorite SolarActive® color change shoe laces are woven with green, pink, and purple into a plaid design with the white changing colors giving a plaid shoelace look a new dimension.

For more information on color change products using SolarActive® technology safety tested and approved by the world’s leading manufacturer of color change technology contact: SolarActive® International:  818 996 8690.