Posted on May 8, 2014

Screen print inks to make color change tee shirts!

Have you ever wondered how they make those tee shirts that change colors in the sunlight?

color change t-shirt

It’s like magic the way they change colors over and over again. Is it in the wash, in the dye of the shirt? The answer is simple. It’s in the SolarActive color change technology screen print inks. One color indoors or transparent, SolarActive inks change to another color each time you walk outdoors. Color change screen print inks for apparel and other products that change colors in the sunlight are available for manufacturers to screen print their own magic tee shirts.

Easy to use, the solar screen print inks are available in a variety of colors. SolarActive colors can be mixed together to create hundreds of colors too. No mixing necessary, the inks are shipped and ready to be screen printed immediately. You don’t have to change your ordinary screen print process. Solaractive color changing inks are printed and cured the same way as regular plastisol inks.


For information on color changing inks from SolarActive and the Pantone matching colors, contact solaractive :
818 996 8690.