Posted on June 7, 2013

Ruby Wing and the Festival paint collection

Ruby Wing’s summer line of color change nail polish the new Festival paint collection is gaining so much popularity with the brightest neon looking colors now in the color change nail polishes. Six unbelievable bright colors starting with greens, pinks, oranges, yellow and changing to awesome deep colors instantly when exposed to the uv rays of the sun.


It’s raining in New York, and even in the rain there are UV rays that will allow the color change process to change. As soon as you go back indoors the color change will change back to the original color. The color change process happens over and over again! How fun it is wearing two colors in one nail polish! Wearing multiple colors on each nail creates unbelievable dramatic nails and manicures that get noticed more just by the uv rays.
Ruby Wing Festival paint collection offers colors named Crowd Surf which starts out as a rich neon pink and changes to a deep purple. Drastic color change that will surely cause everyone to look twice just as you forgot you were wearing a color change polish. Combining two colors such as Electric firefly that starts neon yellow and turns to orange gives you two of the hottest colors for the summer season in one manicure. Color change nail polish is made in the USA by Solar Club the new division of Color Club nail polish. Using the SolarActive® color change technology together they created the finest color change with ingredients that are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free. Ruby Wing is vegan too…never tested on animals.
So what are you waiting for…get your summer started with Ruby Wing festival paint!

SolarActive® products that all change colors in the sun are available too ! From tee shirts to shoe laces SolarActive has something for everyone!

For details visit the SolarActive® website at or call now! 818 996 8690
Distributor/wholesale inquiries welcome!