Posted on April 29, 2013

Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish

Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polish allows you to change your mind just because you can! Our color changing technology lets you switch your style just by walking from indoors to outdoors. Each product dramatically changes in direct sunlight and then back again once inside.

Color and quality perfected to an unbelievably beautiful line of 36 fabulous nail polish colors. Ruby Wing™ color changing nail polishes meet all safety and environmental requirements; DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene free as well as vegan. Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish even surpasses our own expectations!

Ruby Wing’™ UV color changing nail polish summer line Festival paint will change your mood with smiles from the magic of the UV Rays. Ruby Wing™ color change nail polish contains only FDA approved ingredients and is PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. Ruby Wing color change polish uses SolarActive® technology to create a dramatic and instant transformation for your hands. 36 brand new colors are available now with the Ruby Wing collections.  So why wear one color when you can wear two!  Summer colors are rich and vibrant both indoors and outdoors.

Ruby Wing™ ultraviolet colors only show when you’re outdoors.  Create your own nail polish color by wearing your favorite color polish and Ruby Wing on top for a cool nail effect. Nail polish for the artist in everyone!

For more information and wholesale or distributor pricing contact SolarActive® International

Phone: 818 996 8690