Posted on January 21, 2015

Roe Etheridge artwork Visionaire and the Gap featuring SolarActive color changing thread

Visionaire teamed up with Gap to create another collection of limited edition tee shirts this time using SolarActive color changing embroidery thread.. visionaire-solarA few years back SolarActive was the thread featured on the front cover of their limited edition book featuring artists and famous designers. Now there is an online exclusive of 500 tees using the UV sensitive color changing solar thread. The Solar Active embroidery thread instantly changes colors in the sun with the Roe Etheridge bird starting white until exposed to the sunlight. SolarActive color changing embroidery thread, and inks are made in the USA.


SolarActive manufactures inks and thread with a Proprietary stabilized technology that allows the sunlight to create colors in an instant when walking outdoors. The SolarActive process repeats itself over and over again. SolarActive technology is used in tee shirts that change colors, apparel of all types, plastics, nail polish, footwear and more.