Color Changing Fabrics!

All new textured yarns for textile weaving and knitting.
We can supply our full range of fabric products in 11 new colors utilizing the unique Solar Active® UV process. We have lycra blends, plush and velour fabrics.


Colors start white indoors, and instantly, when exposed outdoors in daylight, they change color. The Seven Original Colors are white, with color changes to yellow, orange, teal blue, purple, magenta, watermelon red and sea mist green.

Also – 4 New Colors that start out one color and change to another color. Peach to Wine, Yellow to Orange, Turquoise to Blue Purple, and Baby Pink to Hot Pink. Now, yarns are not only available for embroidery or accent, but you can create entire fabric styles. Design your fabrics with flair. What looks good indoors has a magical dimension outdoors.

Embroidery technology and yarns have gone far beyond mere color ­ it now includes MAGIC!

We live in an era of endless imaginative creativity and constant change.
These yarns and fabrics are exciting for everyone ­ children and adults alike.
That magic touch is now available for all our products ­ 30 denier to 300 denier in flat or textured,
both with air entanglement. Your fabrics are now truly limited only by the imagination!