Posted on July 29, 2016


SolarActive® started selling promotional products before we started selling all the color changing products offered now. As a leader in color changing technology for over 25 years SolarActive® has claimed the market in color changing effects. The Promotional product area of brand awareness loves SolarActive® concepts since color change delivers bold statement. When using SolarActive® inks your product always leaves a long lasting impression.


Promotional products increase brand awareness by putting your logo or company product in front of prospective clients. Using SolarActive® color changing inks on tee shirts are a smart and effective way to boost trade show interest in your product. SolarActive® promo products have clients remembering the brand long after they are first introduced to the brand.

Tee shirts printed with SolarActive® inks are more often remembered after the show is over since they fun to wear later on because they incorporate that added little magic surprise. Company picnics, camps, schools, trade shows and basic brand awareness can easily be demonstrated adding that touch of magic with SolarActive® screen printing inks.

Custom designs are our specialty. SolarActive® offers heat transfers using our color changing inks, and we offer screen printing direct on garments, apparel, tote bags and more. If you’re a screen printer in the promotional products business, you can also purchase color changing inks and you can screenprint with SolarActive® for your own customers.

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