Posted on June 22, 2013

A POP of COLOR | Ruby Wing and French tips

I’m just loving the new neon collection of Ruby Wing color change nail polishes and all the different ways you can play up the colors. More people are noticing my manicures and pedicures than ever before! I’ve been experimenting with layering color on top of color using the Ruby Wing color change nail polishes, and my favorite regular colors of nail polish.

Color change nail Polish

The new Ruby Wing color change nail polish collection called Festival is the brightest of brights indoors, with totally complimentary color change outdoors. If you want your nails to be noticed, just put one nail like the ring finger in a way out opposite color. I’m playing with the Electric Firefly

color and although I never wore neons before, the new Ruby Wing neon colors are my mani/pedi favorites.

Groupie is my favorite color as a base for everything lately. I’m such a pink person and the bright pink for summer suits me perfectly. Outdoors the purple transition is so pretty that each time I see my own nails change color, I smile.
My three year old granddaughter is fascinated with nail polish now. These bright neon nail polish colors from Ruby Wing are so eye catching that each time she sees me, she shows me her nails. It’s so cute that even three year old girls are in love with nail polish. According to a study done by Women’s Wear Daily $786 Million dollars is how much women spent on nail polish in 2012. Crazy numbers, but that is the newest accessory affordable for everyone!
When pairing Ruby Wing color change nail polish Groupie and Summer Love it added just the pop I needed to make my nails really stand out. Nail art is never ending and the combinations you can create by layering color on top of color is sunbelievable! Each time I get a manicure, the people in the shop can’t wait to see the colors I use on my nails.



Ruby Wing color change nail polish is available in 36 colors, with more collections on the way! Indoors one color and outdoors another. Create some nail magic with your mani/pedi’s and try Ruby Wing color change nail polishes. Why wear one color when you don’t have to?
Ruby Wing color change nail polish uses SolarActive color change technology where everything changes color in the sun!
For more information and more products that change color in the sun visit SolarActive
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