Posted on April 15, 2014

Pantone color match for SolarActive screen print inks

SolarActive color changing screen print and four process color inks are available in over 26 basic colors.


These screen print inks change colors in the sun in an instant when printed on tee shirts. Many customers ask for our Pantone color match so we have matched the colors as close as possible.


The reason the color change is somewhat transparent is because it’s the only way the sun can pass thru the color in order for the molecules to burst into color. All it takes is the UV rays of the sun, so even in the snow, or on cloud covered days the SolarActive screen print inks will change colors on tee shirts. The colors will change in an instant on a tee shirt, tote bag, and more. Color changing apparel, tee shirts that change colors in the sun bring that little extra spark to a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

SolarActive screen print inks can be blended with each other to create different Pantone matched colors. Most of our customers prefer spot color when using SolarActive screen print inks for the strongest effect of color change. SolarActive inks are MADE IN THE USA and meet all environmental safety and the numerous different health requirements around the world. Safety tested, you can be assured the color changing inks from SolarActive are approved for garment manufacturers.

SolarActive has been manufacturing screen print inks that change colors in the sun for over 25 years now. The color range and depth of color is the strongest ever seen in the industry and sold worldwide to some of the most well known brands of apparel manufacturers. SolarActive inks are also available in 4 process colors. The strength of the color change is strong, vibrant and instant. Try SolarActive color change inks for your customers. Offer them something that will make them smile when they see the magic they can create with color change. Tee shirts that change colors in the sun are for people of all ages. Children’s apparel with solar color changing inks will delight everyone around them in an instant just by walking outdoors. Adults love the surprise of the color changing apparel. Everyone loves a little magic! Completely machine washable too.

SolarActive screen print inks are very easy to use. Ask us to tell you our many tricks for using on all types and colors of garments and some new exciting ways to use the SolarActive screen print inks.

Visit the website for the Pantone color chart for SolarActive screen print inks. We take actual pictures and do not doctor the videos or the colors. The color you see is the color you get when you print with SolarActive screen print inks.

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