Posted on June 21, 2013

Orange and yellow makes Green! Color Change Nail Polish

Layer on top of layers and the magic happens as soon as you walk outdoors. Having some fun with my toes and rocking the newest color change nail polish from the Ruby Wing Festival Collection. Summer Love is a bright neon orange nail color that stands out on its own, but when you add a French tip using electric firefly by Ruby Wing color change nail polish it adds a whole new indoor color! Electric Firefly is a hot yellow green, some call it chartreuse. When you paint a French tip on the orange Summer Love nail polish using the Electric Firefly, you get an indoor Yellow! Your toes will look Yellow and orange indoors and really makes the orange pop. Ruby Wing color change nail polish is sun activated just by the UV rays from the sun. Even in the shade the UV Rays are present and the color change will appear.

So, indoors we have an orange and yellow nail, and the color changes as soon as you walk outdoors in daylight hours. The yellow is now the Electric Firefly color! My camera didn’t do it justice!

When you layer the colors and try different combinations you can have so much fun creating new color changes. Pair your bright toes with black sandals, and you will love what you see.
Try Ruby Wing color change nail polishes for some great nail polish combos. Why wear one color when you don’t have to!

Ruby Wing® is made in USA with SolarActive® color change technology. For more information and details on the new colors visit the ruby wing website :
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