Posted on December 9, 2014

Now you don’t see it, Now you Do!

New and improved SolarActive color changing plastisol screen print inks are more vibrant than ever before. With instant gratification and color change the moment you step outdoors, SolarActive screen print inks will delight your customers every time. Set yourself apart from the competition, and add more profit with something as basic as a tee shirt with magic appearing colors. Two tee shirt designs for the price of one is the end result when using Solaractive screen print inks. All you need is solar (UV light), or the sunshine for the tee shirt to explode in bursts of color, when using SolarActive color changing screen print inks. Sun Activated colors are also available in four color process inks.

SolarActive International is located in Tarzana, California. Known internationally for products such as embroidery threads, beads, buttons, color changing nail polish and more, Solar Active’s new improved color change screen printing inks are available now. SolarActive inks are extremely concentrated with color, and easy to use. The feedback from screen printers is that SolarActive inks don’t disappoint. No job is too big or small as Solar Active screen print inks are available in 50 pantone colors and sold in pints, quarts and gallons. Add glitters and puff to your prints to step it up another notch. SolarActive screen print inks can be printed on all colors of fabric. Highlight excitement to your screen printed apparel with caps, tote bags, tees, sweats and more.

Now you don’t see it…. Now you do! For more information on SolarActive screen print inks contact the experts in Color changing technology for over 25 years.