Posted on July 18, 2014

No Skinny Dipping …Alone!

Sunset Beach the place where romance lives. Vacations, lazy days, relaxing, in the best of all worlds.


Swimming at its finest, but No Skinny Dipping Alone!

Color changing tee shirts with various sayings and cities to customize your location. Using SolarActive technology, color changing tee shirts are the perfect take home memory from the perfect vacation.

The tee shirts change colors in an instant and will be remembered long after the vacation. The magic is still there when you get home even after washing.

SolarActive has been printing color changing tee shirts for over 25 years now. Indoors the design tells the story and when exposed to the UV rays of the sun the colors are vibrant and appear instantly. Color change tee shirts fade back to the indoor colors when removed from the sunlight.

Paired with a pair of CaliMojos color changing flip flops you will have lots of fun seeing the magic over and over again.

For more information on custom tee shirts, with SolarActive color changing technology, contact the experts in color change.

SolarActive International 818 996 8690