Posted on January 21, 2015

Nike Fly Knit pavillon Bowery Stadium New York exhibits SolarActive® color changing thread!

The current exhibit uses several UV lights on a timed program to simulate day and night lighting conditions. It will move to London for spring.

The Jennie Sabin myThread Pavilion is the result of this collaboration, with a harder outside construction and softer, organic inner material. Composed of adaptive knitted, SolarActive ® ,reflective photo luminescent threads and a steel cable net holding hundreds of aluminum rings, the simplicity of knitted geometries meets the complexity of a body in motion. An inner structure of soft textile based whole garment knit elements absorbs, collects and delivers light as the materials react to the presence of people. The material’s response to sunlight as well as physical participation is an integral part of Sabin’s exploratory approach to the subjects of performance and sustainability that Nike Flyknit addresses. This interaction amplifies the hidden qualities of the pavilion, embodying the learnings of each workshop as well as the story of Nike Flyknit.