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Calimojos – Not Your Ordinary Flip Flops!

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We should never walk barefoot or wear anything but non-slip shoes around a pool. Calimojos offers a stylish non-slip flip flop that is safe to wear around water and has a really cool feature you’ve probably never seen before — they change colors in the sun! Available in an array of vibrant colors that perfectly blends style with safety. Show Video on KTLA5 page

  • CaliMojos Blue Butterfly Flip Flops


    Happy Teal Thursday! For this Teal Thursday I wanted to share my CaliMojos Blue Butterfly Flip Flops. They’re a bright turquoise blue and the straps are clear when indoors. But when you go outside, the straps change to purple in the sunlight.

  • SolarActive Color Changing Flip Flops from CaliMojos


    When you are indoors the straps on the flip flops appear clear but as soon as I got outside in the sunlight they turned a deep blue…the color of beautiful tropical water!

    CaliMojos™ are manufactured in Brazil, one of the world’s leading markets in sandal production, consumption and exports, using the highest quality materials fused with SolarActive® technology in the sandal straps. They are made from recyclable, phthalate-free and nickel-free materials.

  • Heaven Has Heels


    I love flip flops. I have a wardrobe full of every different style and color. When I need a break from those heavenly heels, it is to the flip flop I go.

    Always on the search for new and unusual additions, I recently stumbled upon a new brand, CaliMojos. Made in Brazil, the country that pioneered the flip flop, these shoes utilize SolarActive® color changing technology that makes the straps change color when exposed to the sun. Made of recyclable materials, they are both nickel and phthalate free, manufactured with sustainability in mind. — ANGELA GILLTRAP

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